Alliance for Corporate Counsels and Company Secretaries (ACoS) is an association of Corporate Counsels & Company Secretaries which promotes the common professional and business interests of In-house legal professionals through various initiatives such as Advocacy, education, learning and networking.

For over a decade ACoS has been bringing together the In-house community for peer-to-peer learning, networking, in-depth analysis of key policy and regulatory developments and advocacy-based representations to the Government on various changes in statutes.

ACoS serves as a platform which Corporate Counsels can look to for their knowledge optimisation, recognition, interaction with industry experts and for making their voices heard as drivers of legal and regulatory strategy and implementation in their organisations.

ACoS regularly organises sessions on diverse and important topics in law and policy for its members and patrons. These are in the form of roundtable discussions, knowledge workshops, full-day annual events, informal get togethers, retreats etc.

Main objectives of ACoS are as follows:-

  • To provide a common platform to In-house legal professionals to exchange views, share experiences and knowledge.
  • To seek recognition for Corporate Counsel profession as an Advocate.
  • To disseminate information about important developments in the fields of legislation, regulations and judicial pronouncements relating to the corporate sector.
  • To represent before various governmental and regulatory authorities with a view to assist in the on-going process of reforms in legal, administrative and corporate governance matters.
  • To provide a platform for In-house Counsels to meet each other and strengthen camaraderie.
  • To support young professionals/Law students for their legal education, training, placement and advise.
  • To create opportunities for facilitating synergy with law firms so that organisations can find the best fit as per their needs.